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Welcome to RagnarokDeep

About us

RagnarokDeep is a new server (launched 26th February 2013) which main purpose is to provide official-like gameplay for those who aren't satisfied with the official servers for some reason.
Lags, botting, overpowered donations, lack of updates, item dupe, GM corruption, even server closing - we have the experience and technologies to prevent ANY of these situations.
Along with this, we try to avoid common private server mistakes, like raising the rates (which leads to ruined economy) or too much custom features, thus providing you Ragnarok the way it's intended to be played. Instead we focus on official updates, making them as precise as possible. In fact, we have the precise Homunculus S, Kagerou/Oboro and lhz_dun04 support which many other servers made by their intuition.
Sounds interesting? Join now or read the features below!

Server features

Renewal mechanics and 3-rd classes

We provide full Renewal and 3rd class mechanics as close to official as possible. Say goodbye to p-servers with some skills implemented intuitively, without actual tests. Everything we implement is precisely tested on official servers to provide you the best gaming experience.

Latest updates

Although our updates are thoroughly tested before implementation, we are well-updated server, and our dev-team is always working on something new. Hall of Abyss, Somatology Laboratory F4, Mora, Malangdo: in RagnarokDeep you will always have a place to go. And we are quite updated not only serverside, but clientside too! If it says something to you, we already have working Navigation System :)

Ultimate safety

  • Daily server database backups to 2 another PCs ensure that any server wipe won't happen, ever.
  • All your passwords are kept in a way they can't be decrypted even if a hacker obtains a database copy
  • Item-serial system ensures no item-dupe occurs.
  • Our improved logging system carefully watches for any account abuse and helps punishing anyone who dares to steal your items
  • You can trust us your character without any doubt. It will stay here, in RagnarokDeep. Forever.


    The rates are x1/x1/x1. Yes, that's right, no ruined economy here. Some x1 server review at RMS said: "In x1 rates each level is achievement and each new card is joy". It really is. Just try :)

    Custom features? Just a little :3

    We enable only a little of custom features, the ones you can't live without, to prevent server from going too far from official. These features are custom cloth palettes and @autotrade command. We also often implement interesting custom quests for hats that are obtained from cash-shop on officials.

    Lags and server downtimes

    Some servers claim not to have any lags. They certainly lie :) Internet is worldwide, and it's naive to think that any European server will have perfect connection from Asia. RagnarokDeep has two realms to provide the best connectivity both to European and to Asian players.
  • RagnarokDeep Realm is hosted in Leaseweb DC, Netherlands, which provides a nice connection with minimum ping for European players (0~30ms ping) and not bad connection for US players (~90ms ping).
  • RagnarokDeep-Asia Realm is hosted in Softlayer DC, Singapore, and provides a fast connection for Asian countries such as Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia
  • If you live in any other region, you can try the connection for yourself: ping from your command line. And value below 150ms means the game will run quite well.

    Transfer characters and guilds from official servers

    We're planning to support character and even guild transfers from official servers like iRO or fRO once we get enough requests for this feature. Stay tuned ;)